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Stave ll

Brendan Lake

1 2         3
5 6    
  7 8                  
9           10  
    11     12              
15     16        

1."'There's the Parrot"'
4.Scrooge was this to rub the frost off his window
8.Scrooge's lip was doing this according to the spirit
9.the first spirit held a fresh, green branch of _____
11.there was not this in the house
13.this would not be visible in the dense gloom
14."... now a pair of legs without a _____..."
16.Scrooge wanted to _____ something to the caroler that was at his door the night before
17.it was this when Scrooge awoke
18.the first spirits' arms were long and _____
19."Fowl's _____ and strutted in the stables..."
20."The pannel's _____, the windows cracked..."
2.Scrooge saw this person while he was with the ghost
3.the first spirits dress was trimmed with this
5.this sprung from the first spirits head
6."The more he thought, the more _____ he was..."
7.the hour bell sounded like this
10.this must have gotten into the works of the clock
12.Scrooge's first name
15.the child was this of glee

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