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Chapter 10

The Muslim World

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1.The city in western Arabia where pilgrims came to worship
2.The ______________ pursued a life of poverty and devotion to a spiritual path
6.The Qur’an and __________________ form the shari’a, or body of Islamic law
7.Umayyad capital
9.Arabic word for God
10.Arab nomads
12.The art of beautiful handwriting
14.Angel that came to Muhammad in a vision
15.Follower of Islam or “one who has submitted”
19.Pilgrimage to Mecca
20.Group of rulers who took over Umayyads and moved the capital to Baghdad
22.Largest group of the Muslim sect
23.The migration in 622 of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib
24.Islamic body of law
1.Islamic house of worship
2.Meaning the “party” of Ali
3.This is the Muslim holy book
4.Using this, one could calculate time, celestial events, and relative position
5.Wife of Muhammad
8.The Quran is written in this language
11.Founder of Islam
13.Shrine associated with Abraham, contained over 300 idols
16.Banks offered _____________, or letters of credit to merchant
17.What is the month in which Muslims fast?
18.A title that means “successor” or “deputy”
21.Religion that means “submission to the will of Allah”

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