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Legal Considerations for Canadian Nurses

Cheryl Stewart

1 2 3
    4                   5
6       7  
  10                       11              
12                                     13    
16 17   18                                  
        19                         20  

4.Outlook on the practice of nursing (2 Words)
8.Heathcare system in Canada
9.Provided money for those over 65 (3 Words)
10.One more Consumers' right (3 Words)
12.Principle function of the OIIQ (3 Words)
14.Nurses provide guidance & support (2 Words)
18.Provided money for each family with children (3 Words)
19.Recent focus of healthcare (2 Words)
21.Homecare for the dying (2 Words)
22.How does the OIIQ ensure the safety of the public
23.Clarifies relationship between RNs & other health professionals (2 Words)
24.Must be able to pass this to work as a nurse in Quebec (2 Words)
1.One way to cut rising costs (2 Words)
2.Provided for those who could not longer manage (3 Words)
3.20% reduction in Emergency admissions (3 Words)
5.One of the Consumers' rights (3 Words)
6.Prompted creating of social safety networks (2 Words)
7.Social determinents of health (3 Words)
11.Which Canadians are covered by the Canada health act
13.System for patients' complaints (2 Words)
15.Outlawed extra billing & user charges (3 Words)
16.One criterion of Canada Health Act
17.Another Consumers' right (2 Words)
20.Ordre des infirmiers et infirmieres du Quebec

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