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Because You're Beautiful

Little Browne

1                 2
3 4                
    6                   7
9             10                
11       12     13           14  
15     16                

1.Something of which that always comes to an end.
4.The opposite of hideous.
5.What is ran as a infinite loop of numbers.
9.Holds many meanings, so many in fact it may contain an loop of ____ it self.
10.A holiday that's on the calendar 365 days a year.
11.Cannot be seen; but you can feel when it's there.
12.Something, that if not done well, can result in the opposite of its meaning.
15.Feelings that are often uncontrollable .
19.A part of life that takes a toll on your body. (2 Words)
20.Can often lead to disappointment or the exact opposite of so.
21.The root of Vanity .
22.Consumes everyone at least once in a life time.
2.A requirement in everyday life; especially in early life.
3.Not lies.
5.Can be felt in numerous ways.
7.To disobey or be destructive of order.
8.A neurosurgical procedure.
12.A plant, that spellbounds a kiss.
13.Can consume a person with ease.
14.The story telling or retelling of a high fictional and/or inaccurate story (2 Words)
16.One that is affected with madness.
17.A state of disorder.
18.The opposite of agreeing/to agree.

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