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Practice on magnetism.

1 2
3                             4   5 6
        8 9 10  
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3.Describe a magnetic field
7.Suggest one way we can make an electromagnet weaker.
11.What are magnetic compasses used for?
12.What three things can you do to make an electromagnet stronger?
13.Name the two ends of a magnet ____________ and ______________
15.How can you tell where the strongest areas of a magnetic field are?
18.What do like poles do? ______________________
19.Why does the floating needle follow the magnet?
21.Suggest one way we can make an electromagnet weaker.
22.Explain why the contacts come together in relay when the switch is closed.
25.Name two materials that will block magnetism
28.The world’s strongest magnet is found in California, it is a lot stronger than the Earths magnetic field. How many times? Millions or thousand?
29.How is the pattern of close field lines related to the strength of the magnetic field?
30.Which direction do magnetic fields point?
31.Give the name of a suitable material to use for the armature.
1.Name one way you can make a magnet
2.All magnets have two ________, a ________ ________ and a _______ ________.
4.Name three magnetic materials ____________________, ________________ and _______________________
5.What is the difference between the North Pole and the Magnetic North pole?
6.How can you tell if something is a magnet?
8.Name two magnetic materials
9.What would happen if you dropped a magnet several times?
10.In which direction does a compass rest?
14.How can you visualise a magnetic field using iron filings?
16.Why may a plotting compass change direction when brought up close to a current-carrying wire?
17.How can we make an electromagnet stronger?
20.What do differing poles do? _________________
23.How come only some metals are magnetic, and not, for example, the family dog?
24.Can you name a ferromagnetic material?
26.Does the Earth have a magnetic field?
27.Give the name of a suitable material to use for the core of the electromagnet.

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