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A Christmas Carol Stave II

Jennifer Melvin

1 2   3   4 5
10     11                
  12         13
16           17            

2.Scrooge does this when he sees himself as a boy
6.He was turned upside down by the Genii (2 Words)
7.The business that brought the spirit was Scrooge's _____
10.Scrooge uses this to escape the Spirit of Christmas Past
12.How Scrooge feels then he remembers the caroler he chased away
15.Scrooge's fellow apprentice (2 Words)
16.The ghost's tunic is trimmed with _____ flowers
17.a character Scrooge was reading about as a boy (2 Words)
18.symbolizes the enlightenment the spiritcan bring to Scrooge (3 Words)
19.When Belle's husband saw Scrooge, he was quite ______.
1.the happily married woman who was once engaged to Scrooge
3.Scrooge learned from the scene at Fezziwig's how ____ it is to make one's employees happy.
4.the solitary child in the schoolroom
5.Scrooge explained away his tear by saying it was this.
6.the name of a dance at Fezziwig's party (4 Words)
8.The Ghost of Christmas past appears when the clock strikes ___.
9.the man to whom Scrooge was apprenticed
11.Scrooge's fiance says that money is an ______ to Scrooge.
13.The ghost has this in his belt
14.Scrooge's sister (2 Words)

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