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Construction Tools

Robert Fuhrman

A review game learning tool for theater productions

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4.tool used to cut lumber straight, mitered, or beveled
6.moves in two directions
8.used to measure and mark lumber for cutting at specific lengths
9.used to cut thin piping
13.moves in all directions
16.sting coated in chalk used to mark long cuts
18.type of hammer used to remove nails from lumber
19.type of screw or screwdriver with it's head shaped like a star.
1.an electric tool used to insert screws into lumber, or to drill into wood
3.used to even out and smooth the edges of wood
5.a saw used to cut patterns in lumber
7.saw with a blade in the shape of a circle
10.tool thats head is shaped like a crescent, and used to tighten or loosen bolts.
11.type of hammer used to separate boards
12.type of screw or screwdriver with it's head is just a line.
14.tool used to mark a bubble in between two lines. makes things level
15.tool that you twist a bolt to close and tighten
17.tool used to hold items together that you squeeze with your hand

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