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Atomic Theory

M. Versteeg

2 3            
5                   6 7
10 11          
  12   13                            
        14   15              
        17 18          

3.The name for pure substances made up of only one type of atom (organized in the Periodic Table).
4.Uncharged particle inside the atom's nucleus.
5.Believed that atoms could be represented with the "plum pudding model". (Name - 2 words)
9.Electrons are a subatomic particle with a _________________ charge.
12.Used the gold foil experiment to propose a model of an atom. (Name - 2 Words)
14.A scientific procedure used to test a hypothesis.
18.The single, smallest unit of matter.
19.Because electrons are far away, atoms are made up of mostly __________ __________.
1.Described WHERE and HOW electrons move outside the nucleus of an atom.(Name - 2 words)
2.Proposed the Atomic Theory of Matter. (Name - 2 words)
6.Elements are organized in the ________________ __________ based on their chemical properties.
7.The branch of science that studies the composition and properties of matter.
8.The element Ernest Rutherford used in his experiment. (Hint: Jewelry)
10.Protons are a subatomic particle with a ________________ charge.
11.Greek philosopher who believed matter was made up of small "uncuttable" pieces.
13.The ______________ is the location of both protons and neutrons
15.Positively charged particle inside the atom's nucleus.
16.Protons, neutrons, and electrons are called __________________ particles
17.Negatively charged particle outside the atom's nucleus.

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