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Stave II Crossword Puzzle

Jeremiah Ballam and Gary Szekely

1       2               3
4   5                  
    6 7         8
9                     10  
    11         12  
    18         19    

1."I am the Ghost of _____ _____." (Two Words) (2 Words)
4.What is the parrot's name? (Two Words) (2 Words)
7."____ me no longer!"
9.Who did Mr. Fezziwig dance with? (Two Words) (2 Words)
11."Why do you ______ to torture me?"
14.Where did Scrooge's little sister take him?
16.What was Fezziwig yelling?
17.What were Ebenezer and Dick shutting before the ball?
18.How many children were in the last shadow?
19.What time did the Ghost of Christmas Past come?
20.When did the domestic ball break up?
2.What song did the fiddler play? (Four Words) (4 Words)
3.How many couples went out to the dance?
5.Who is the housemaids cousin?
6.Who was the master of Ebenezer Scrooge and Dick Wilkins?
8.What was coming from the Ghost of Christmas Past's head?
10.What was the Ghost of Christmas Past holding in his hand? (Two Words) (2 Words)
12.Where did the ghost take Scrooge first?
13."Are you the _____, sir, whos coming was foretold to me"
15.Who is Ali Baba's brother?

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