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Stave 2 Crossword

Akash Patel and Hassan Abbasi

1 2
3 4   5  
6               7        
  10 11  
12 13                      
14       15      
17     18        

6.What is one of the characteristics of Mrs.Fezziwig?
7.What was the name of Ali Baba's brother?
8.What time did Scrooge wake up?
9.What type of animals were trotting toward Scrooge?
13.What did the ghost drop under when it disappeared?
14.What was the Ghost of Christmas Past wearing?
16.What did the ghost and Scrooge pass through when they left the house?
17.What does Scrooge think that got into the works of the clock?
19.What is the name of Scrooge's little sister?
20.What did the first ghost show Scrooge during its time?
1.What was the color of the parrots central body?
2.What was the ghosts name? (4 Words)
3.The ghost carried what in his hand?
4.What type of building was Scrooge apprenticed in?
5.Where did the little girl want her dear brother to go?
10.What type of musician came to play at the party?
11.What did the ghost notice on Scrooge's face?
12.The first ghost arms were muscular and ___.
15.What does Scrooge think the ghost looked like at first sight?
18.What does Scrooge start to do while watching the little boy?

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