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Stave 2

Luke and Tanner

20 words

2 3  
4 5              
6           7
      8 9 10  
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13         14   15                

5.Man in window with an ax on his belt (2 words)
6.What nightly hour did the first spirit come?
11."This is the even-handed dealing of the __________!
13.Scooge told the ghost to stop ________ing him
15.As a young child Scrooge was ______________ by friends and family
16.The first ghost to visit Scrooge. (the ghost of)
17.Who Scrooge was once engaged to
18.What state of mind the schoolmaster put Scrooge into
19.Who Scrooge wishes he could back and give something to.
20.The "delicate creature" is Scrooges what
1.First place revisited by Scrooge and the spirit
2.A positive light appeard to issue from Fezziwigs ____________
3.Scrooges fellow apprentice (2 words)
4.What does Fezziwig say to greet two different people? (2 words)
7.The solitary boy left in the schoolroom
8.Scrooge could no more go to sleep than go to ______________
9.What does Scrooge use to leave the ghost of Christmas past
10.Was on Scrooges cheek as a boy
12.The spirit sounded as if it were talking from a _____________
14.How the schoolmasters voice sounded

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