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Chapter 13 Crossword Puzzle

Arianna Fletcher

1 2
6               7  
10                     11            

5.An economic system in which the basic economic decisions are made according to long established ways of behaving that are unlikely to change.
6.To use money to help a business get started or grow, with the hope that the business will earn a profit that you can share.
9.An economic system in which private individuals own the factors of production and are free to make their own choices about production, distribution, and consumption.
10.Another name for a market economy; a system in which people make their own decisions about how to save resources as a capital and how to use their capital to produce goods and services.
11.Anything produced in an economy that is saved to be used to produce other goods and services.
13.The practical application of science to commerce or industry.
14.The benefit given up when scarce resources are used for one purpose instead of another.
15.An economy that is a mixture of the characteristics of two or more of the three basic economic systems.
1.The system in which individuals in a market economy are free to undertake economic activities with little or no control by the government.
2.The resources people have for producing goods and services to satisfy their wants.
4.The act of buying or using goods or services.
7.The difference between what it costs a business to produce something and the price the buyer pays for it.
8.An economic system in which the government or a central authority owns or controls the factors of production and makes the basic economic decisions.
12.The problem that resources are always limited in comparison with the number and variety of wants people have.

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