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Skills terms revision

J. Banister

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2.a pressure system that has upward moving air
4.divides the world into northern and southern hemispheres
6.a cross-section
7.a natural feature on the earth's surface
10.the measurement used for air pressure
15.a type of aerial photograph taken at an angle
17.shown on a population pyramid as a result of more than the usual number of people being in a particular age group
18.war can cause this on a population pyramid
19.the long-term weather pattern for an area
20.a measure of the steepness of a slope
23.an instrument that measures the angle of a slope
25.the day-to-day state of the atmosphere
27.direction given in terms of degrees from north
28.measures areas of equal air pressure
31.a type of aerial photograph that points directly down to the ground
32.a pressure system that has downward moving air
33.wind ______ is represented by the lines on the end of an arrow
1.line on a map joining places of equal elevation
3.the relationship between a linear measurement on a map and the corresponding distance on the earth's surface
5.height above sea level
8.the arrangement of items over a specified area
9.a type of chart that uses isobars and other symbols to summarise the state of the atmosphere at a particular time
11.is measured from the Prime Meridian
12.the direction a slope is facing
13.a division on a map
14.shape of the land
16.a pattern of lines on a map
18.the population per unit area
21.a set of symbols that represent the features on a map
22.a reference of four figures that gives the general location of an area
23.an instrument used to determine direction
24.represented by diagonal lines on a weather map
26.an area of low pressure between two high-pressure areas
29.a book of maps
30.moving air

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