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Word of the Day Puzzle 2

West Branch CBI

1 2 3          
4 5        
6       7         8
      9           10  
      12   13          
15                 16   17            

2.An interval of rest or relief.
4.The highest point of something.
6.Exclusive control over a product or service.
9.Not easily managed, handled, or used.
13.To ambush or accost.
15.To accept or consent passively or without objection.
17.To search through in a way that causes disorder or damage.
18.To stare angrily or with a scowl.
19.To accustom or become accustomed to a new climate, environment, or situation.
20.To scold sharply; also, to beat.
22.Having an illustrious name or reputation.
23.To proceed without interruption.
24.To have no luck: unfortunate.
1.Sad and lonely because deserted, abandoned, or lost.
3.To strike out or erase; to obliterate.
5.To criticize severely; also, an expression of disapproval.
7.Able to take initiative; willing to anticipate future decisions or problems and take action.
8.A person's tendency to favor something because of familiarity or preference.
10.To lower in rank or reputation: degrade.
11.One who stays in bed until a late hour.
12.Capable of being shaped; also, adaptable.
14.The set amount that you pay out of pocket before the insurance company pays anything.
16.Sharp and harsh; bitter.
21.To travel to work.

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