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1.Page 66- These currents occur within the Earth and enable heat to escape
7.Page 76- There are 5 of these in the solar system
8.Page 77- Earth is the only planet to have this element
9.Page 67- These are hot plumes of magma that come through the crust of teh Earth
10.Page 74- This is the name of the star at the center of our solar system
11.Page 62- this plate tectonic structure existed 245 million years ago
13.Page 68- There are more than 30,000 of these on the moon
14.Page 75- The elliptical path of any satellite is a result of these two forces
15.Page 73- This is the name of the force of attraction between objects
2.Page 65- This is a type of plate boundary in which thick oceanic plate dives under continental plate
3.Page 71- These are the names of the dark spots on the moon
4.Page 69- This satellite was created from debris left over after a giant impact between the Earth and another object
5.Page 70- This is the name of the 2nd phase of the moon
6.Page 64- This is the name of the area of the Earth where pieces of Earth slide, slip, collide, and go over/under each other
8.Page 63- This is the name of the outermost layer of the Earth
12.Page 72- This is the force taht causes tides of the Earth's oceans

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