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English Review 4th Level

Edwin Puentes Aponte

Fill the gaps and put the words in the crossword.

1 2      
7   8       9
10             11        
  12         13    
  15           16    

1.We ______ (sleep) all day yesterday.
4.Annelore ______ (break) her umbrella yesterday.
5.Jean ______ (see) many boats over the see, when she was on holiday.
8.I ______ (read) Romeo and Juliet when I was 10 years old.
10.Brunella ______ (sit) behind the door when we were looking for her. (2 Words)
12.The ______ Scottish people (build) their detached house near the beach years ago.
14.Marceau and Yanis ______ (go) to the cinema last Monday.
15.Cécile ______ (ride) a horse when she went to the circus.
16.When I was a young boy, I ______ (meet) Santa Claus.
17.I ______ (never, try) lobster in my life. (3 Words)
2.She sometimes ______ (lose) her temper. She scares me a bit when she does.
3.My sister ______ (buy) him a dog for his birthday last week.
6.Johanne ______ (just lose) her keys on the pavement . (3 Words)
7.I ______ (see) this movie about a dozen times already. (2 Words)
9.I ______ (understand) your point now.
11.Tony ______ (study) for his math test as we speak. (2 Words)
13.They said they were tired and ______ (go) upstairs to sleep.

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