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Public Administration

Vanessa Escalante

Key terms and concepts of public personnel policy

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3.Acronym for Human Resource Management
5.Across-the-board pay change based on economic conditions, not performance
6.People are inherently motivated to learn and grow, and therefore need to be provide opportunities to develop
7.Job classifications that are linked developmentally, i.e. Officer I, Officer II,
9.A systematic process of colelcting data for determining KSAs required to perform a job
10.Combining several pay grades, creating a broader salary range for a position
14.People are inherently lazy, and therefore need a 'stick and carrot' approach to motivation
15.Label given persons born between 1960 and 1980
18.Specific traits that lend themselves to particular jobs such as responsiblity, ability to handle stress, etc.
20.Employee is not required to join the union but must contribute a service charge to cover bargaining, grievance processes, and arbitration costs (2 Words)
23.This law prohibits discrimination in all employment practices against an individual with a disability
25.A geographic area or occupational field within which the forces of supply and demand interact to affect he size of the workforce and its pay level
27.A session conducted by an employer in attempt to learn why an employee is leaving
28.Law governing the use of genetic information in employment making decisions
31.Prohibits discrimination in employment based on age
33.Senior executive service - top level administrators
34.Gives undue weight to recent occurrences when evlautions are done
36.A pay schedule in which the grases, steps, and related pay is determined
41.Enables two employees to split the responiblities, hours, salary, and benefits of a full-time position
42.Employer's sanction against an employee for unsatisfactory performance or misconduct (2 Words)
45.Law protecting workers from unsafe conditions in the workplace
46.Using outside jobs as a measure within an organization to ensure external equity
47.Legislation governing the management of employee pensions
48.A form of pension plan that guarantees a pre-seet lifetime pension payment
1.The effect in which the gains of one union might be used to justify benefits for another
2.Acronym for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinationg, reporting, and budgeting
3.An unusually poor trait spilling over into an appraisal
4.Law requiring employers to provides continued group health benefits for employees post employment
8.Modification of a workplace to assist workers with disabilities or religious practices
11.A development approach through which employees develop their career potential thorugh ongoing, periodic dialogue with more experienced personnel
12.Voluntary reduced time
13.System under which permanent increases in base pay are based on performance
16.Federla law presribing standards for basic minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping, and child labor
17.Asverse action by an employer against an employee because o fhte employee's opposition to a prohibited work practice or participation in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing
19.Work schedules that allow flexible starting and quitting times but specify a required numbe rof hours within a particular time period
21.A dispute resolution process using a neutral third party
22.Provides leave from work for hte employee to care for needy family members
24.A doctrine by which both employers and employees can sever their relationships at a moment's notice
26.A union can represent workers, but the non-union workers have no financial obligations
29.Law prohibiting the recruitment and hiring of unauthorized aliens
30.A personnel strategy that emphasizes the development of incumbents over time within the organization through the use of closed systems and movement through ranks
32.Employee may select payroll deduction option to pay union dues to representing union
35.Law governing employer-union relationships
37.The process of preparing for and supporting a new employee
38.Public employee relations boards
39.Civil Service commission mandate restricting hiring to the top three candidates from a certified list
40.An unusually good trait spilling over into an appraisal
43.Legisation requiring employers to provide equal pay too male and female employees doing equal work
44.Law requiring employers to provide unpaid leave to eligible employees to care for family members in need
49.Employee programs offering counseling or referral services for people having problems that impede job-related performance

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