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Unit 7 Vocab


1 2
3                                 4  
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3.to judge how successful someone or something is
9.a book about a particular subject, written for students
12.difficult situations that make you feel worried or unhappy
15.to be given an opportunity to do something
16.a plan that gives events or activities and the times that they will happen or be completed
17.a large and important organization, such as a bank or university
1.the ability to make yourself do things that you do not want to do
2.an idea or principle
4.someone that you work with
5.someone's ability compared to other people
6.a student who is studying for their first university degree qualification
7.to improve skills or knowledge
8.the land and buildings belonging to a college or university
10.describes an activity in which one person is teaching or giving information to another
11.related to technical subjects or practical skills rather than studying
13.something that someone does that is bad for their health or is annoying
14.to make someone able to do something, or to make something possible

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