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The Greatest Science Crossword Ever !

by Dr Dan Scott

1 2         3 4
  6           7            
9   10              
    13   14        

2.The scientific way of saying womb.
6.A machine that delivers an electric shock to the heart to restart it.
8.The silly saying that we use to remember the 7 life processes. (1,1,1,1,1,1,1)
10.This system carries messages to the brain from the five sense organs.
11.A subject that includes biology, physics and chemistry.
12.The scientific way of saying 'heart attack'. (7,6)
13.A part of an animal cell which contains the cell sap.
15.This cycle begins when a girl starts to release eggs from her ovaries.
1.A completely formed embryo.
3.A flat, scale like animal cell. (8,10)
4.A part of an animal cell which is where all of the chemical reactions happen
5.A process which produces offspring.
7.A process which incudes fertilising an egg outside of the body. (1,1,1)
9.This type of lens magnifies the sample on a microscope.
14.The tiny building blocks that all living things are made from.

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