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Medical Terminology 101 Project

Cynthea Main

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3.Pertaining to organs
5.Picture of the nucleus (and its chromosomes)
7.Tumor composed of many types of tissue (testicular & ovarian)
8.Benign tumor of the heart
9.Disease of the kidney
12.Pain in a tooth
13.Drooping eyelid
15.No mentrual flow
20.Abnormal discharge of milk
22.Male hormone producing male characteristics
29.Whipple procedure, removal of pancreas,& duodenum
31.Enlargment of the heart
35.Immature ovum
36.Surgical punture to remove fluid from chest
41.Narrowing of vessels
42.Malignant tumor of glial cells in the brain
43.Small artery
44.Pus in pleural cavity
46.Abnormal bluish colorization due to lack of oxygenation of blood
47.Contents of the cell
49.Abnormal condition of normal white blood cells
50.Breathing discomfort in any position but sitting erect or standing straight
51.Pertaining to opposite side
53.Excess bilirubin in the blood (jaundice)
55.Discharge of fat in feces
57.Removal of fatty mass in vessel
59.Region of the throat near mouth
60.Pertaining to producing cancer
62.A clotting cell
64.Branching into two (forking)
66.Pertaining to one side
67.Breaking down of a cell to release energy
68.Incomplete expansion of lung (collapsed lung)
69.Storage form of sugar
70.Slight paralysis in either right of left half of body
71.Spitting up blood
72.Salivary gland stone
73.Pus in a fallopian tube
74.Pertaining to the vagus (10th cranial) nerve
75.State of life together for mutual benefit (parasitism)
1.Bad feeling, feeling of discomfort
2.Headache (head pain)
4.Abnormal discolorization due to poor oxygenation of blood
6.Hernia of spinal cord & meninges (spina bifida)
10.Incision of common bile duct
11.Structure surrounding heart
14.Softening of bone
15.Lack of spermatazoa in semen
16.Scanty mentrual flow
17.Malignant flesh tumor
18.Discharge of fat in feces
19.Disease of the intestines
21.Excessive uterine bleeding
23.Dilation of bronchial tubes
24.Slowness of movement
25.Excessive cholesterol in the blood
26.Disease of the heart
27.Undescended testicle
28.Study of the eye
30.Pain associated with inflamation/irritation of pleura
32.Inflamation of the batholin gland
33.Pertaining to after meals
34.Pertaining to enlarged head
37.Hardening of ateries
38.Expulsion of material (mucus or phlegm)
39.Paralysis of all four limbs
40.Discharge of blood from the stomach
45.Decrease in amount of oxygen & increase in carbon dioxide in blood, no pulse
48.Inflamation of many nerves
52.Pertaining to produced by treatment (adverse reaction)
54.Pertaining to above the pubic bone
56.Protruding eyeballs
58.Pain in a joint
61.Abnormal condition of the lips
63.Inflamation of glans penis
65.Pertaining to syncope (fainting)

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