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English Business Words and Terms

Tom Gillespie

The following English words and terms are commonly used to do daily business.

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8.- try to get a better price or make a better arrangement
11.- getting the product to the final consumer, or customer
12.- money paid to the government, based on total money received
13.- amount of money received from sales
15.- a percentage of each sale that goes directly to the salesperson
17.- a percentage of each sale that goes directly to the salesperson
18.- to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers
20.- movement in one direction, especially about product becoming more and more popular
22.- the name of a well-known product (McDonald's, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, etc.)
23.- money
26.- the study of finance and money
30.- the details of an agreement or contract
32.- a promise that the things you sell will be of good quality
33.- the possibility of making a great amount of money
34.- a detailed plan for spending money
38.- the study of money and how to use money well
41.- a guess about how much something will cost
43.- to bring goods into a country
45.- the main part of a loan, before interest is added
46.to decide NOT to buy something that you had agreed to before
51.- able to buy, have enough money to buy
53.- quit a job suddenly
55.- the person who finds and pays workers
56.- to give more, especially a loan of money
57.- business is growing very fast
58.- the amount of money received from sales, after expenses are subtracted
59.- a monthly or yearly pay to managers of important workers
1.- unsold items that you keep so that you can sell them in the future
2.- rising prices
3.- too many companies producing the same product
4.- the time by which some project must be finished
5.- show your products to customers through radio, television or newspapers
6.- the total amount of product bought in a market
7.- start many new businesses instead of doing just one
9.- the amount that you plan to sell in a month (also "quota")
10.- the top officer in a company, the Chief Executive Officer
14.- the average amount needed to produce a product
16.- a special price to get customers to buy
19.- giving money to someone else, which they will pay back to us later
21.- when we spend more money than we receive from selling our product
24.- a detailed plan for a meeting
25.- a worker
27.- the money of one country
28.- the Chief Financial Officer in a company
29.- secretly paying money to get special favors from a company or government official
31.- the study of how to run a business and lead people
35.- to send goods out of a country
36.- a paper which explains what was sold and at what prices
37.- extra money needed to pay back borrowed money
39.- a tax on imports from another country
40.- selling to a salesman who will then sell to the final customer
42.- getting money from someone else, or from a bank, which we must pay back later
44.- the money left over after all expenses are paid
47.- when you buy first, but pay later
48.- when only one company controls a whole market
49.- spending money so that we can make more in the future
50.- to provide money in general.
52.- the wish of customers to buy a product
53.- finish work after a long career (at age 65 in the U.S., 60 in Japan, 55 in China...)
54.- search for and choose workers

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