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English Review

1 2
3 4           5
8             9 10   11            
13 14 15                    
  17                 18  
19               20
21             22                 23  
24   25           26            
  27     28          
29         30          

4.The man ____ a speech is DR. Martin Luther King Jr.
7.A: I'm very tired. B: _______ you take a nap. (2 Words)
8.A: I'm cold. B: ______ using the kotatsu? (2 Words)
10.A snack that Momotaro gives to his friends
15.A book that is interesting for children (2 Words)
17.A movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. ___ Mononoke
19.The boy eating apples is ______.
21.Host Mother: This bag is very heavy. Me: ____ carry it? (2 Words)
22.A famous group that comes from England. (2 Words)
24.The man _____ is Koji.
26.A book ____ by J.K. Rowling
27.The boy ____ the tree is Jake.
29.A teacher who does kendo
30.What language is spoken in Germany?
31._____ you like some curry for lunch?
1.A character that Kobe made
2.How do you like your curry, ___ or spicy?
3.The food that we eat on New Years Day
5.The car Ms. Janiele want to buy is a ___
6.The black woman who sat down on a bus. (2 Words)
9.A: I have a headache. B: Shall I take you to _____? (2 Words)
11.A runner who comes from Jamaica
12.How do you like your eggs, boiled or _____?
13.A sport that doesn't use a ball.
14.What's the language spoken in France?
16.A: I'm hungry. B: ____ go to a restaurant.
18.A hero that was drawn by Yanase Takashi.
20.A: How do you like your eggs, boiled or fried? B: I _________ boiled eggs.
23.What is Ms. Janiele's family name?
25.The country I want to ____ is Italy.
28.A fruit that is not expensive in Jamaica

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