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2.A type of fracture when the bone ends remain within the surrounding soft tissues
6.inflammation of the sheath covering a tendon
8.swelling of bursa sac
9.a type of fracture that occurs to the growth plate
15.a type of tiny painful fracture that occurs from overuse
19.inflammation of a tendon
21.abnormal shortening of muscle tissue
22.a common cause of bone fracture
23.the color of a contusion when bleeding has stopped
1.a type of fracture that is incomplete by not breaking all the way through
3.a hematoma that calcifies after a contusion
4.an injury that occurs from hard impact from outside source
5.a type of fracture when a tendon or ligament rips away from its attachment to a bone taking a small chip of bone with it
7.the color of active bleeding with an injury
10.the formal name for a bone bruise
11.a type of fracture when the bone is splintered
12.a painful reflex caused by trauma to a muscle
13.a break or crack in a bone
14.painful involuntary contraction of muscle
16.an injury that occurs when a muscle is overstretched
17.a type of fracture when a bone end protrudes from skin
18.wasting away of muscle
20.a type of fracture caused by twisting a bone excessively

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