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Revision for A-level psychology students

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  43   44                    

9.Baddeley's fellow modeller
10.Memory loss
14.Memory research often lacks this (2 Words)
16.A factor that affects eyewitness testimony
17.Bower et al used metals and stones to test this memory strategy
20.Everyday name for the visuospatial scratchpad (2 Words)
21.'Boss' of a memory model (2 Words)
25.Memory structure used to fill in information
26.Special type of police interview that improves accuracy of testimony
27.First items in a list are remembered better (2 Words)
29.WORM is a way of remembering more, for example!
30.Giving evidence based on memory (2 Words)
31.LTM's is longer than STM's
34.Yerkes-Dodson shape
35.How new information pushes out old
38.Encoding used by the phonological loop
40.Biases towards a particular answer (2 Words)
44.Memory for 'how to'
45.Three letters used to test memory
46.Helps you retrieve a memory
48.Reinstating this facilitates retrieval of memories
49.Grouping together that helps more be remembered
1.Where information is first stored
2.Seen or heard after the event and can distort memory (2 Words)
3.The best type of rehearsal
4.Bahrick's book
5.The inner ear (2 Words)
6.Better than free recall
7.Method linking things to remember with places
8.Fade away over time
11.Focus on knife leads to worse recall (2 Words)
12.Test of STM capacity (2 Words)
13.This is limited in some memory stores
15.People Baddeley and Godden tested (3 Words)
18.Way of putting two together to test working memory model (3 Words)
19.One of Geiselman's CIS strategies (2 Words)
22.Peterson's partner
23.Keeps information in STM
24.Memory for events in your life
28.Young better at identifying the young, old better at identifying the old. (3 Words)
32.One model of memory (2 Words)
33.Man of the magic number
36.With Yuille,studied witnesses to a real-life robbery
37.Famous female EWT researcher
38.If you don't pay this you lose
39.Encoding by meaning
41.What the VSSP stores and manipulates
42.More of group that heard this word 'saw' broken glass
43.State some of Goodwin's participants were in
47.Can last up to a lifetime

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