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1.Tax to pay for sugar, molasses,ect. (2 Words)
3.What is the act that required colonists to feed British soldiers and allow them to live in their home. (2 Words)
4.To stop buying something to make a point or statement
5.What is the tax that required colonists to pay for newspaper, college diplomas, ect. (2 Words)
7.What colonists were forced to pay
9.To change or add
10.What is the tax that required colonists to pay for glass, lead, paint, ect. (2 Words)
12.Leader of the British (2 Words)
13.At this battle, George Washington crossed the Delaware River and took the British by surprise on Christmas Eve.
14.Best known for making the US flag (2 Words)
15.Final Battle of the War
1.This battle led to the French recognizing the US as a country and lending their support.
2.The killing of five colonists by British regulars on March 5, 1770 (2 Words)
6.Commander of Continental Army
8.To bring goods into the country
11.Political position that the 13 colonies should form their own nation from England

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