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Three Branches Study Guide

Review for the Civics Test over the 3 Branches of Government

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1.Leader of the House of Reps (4 Words)
4.Happens when 2/3 of Congress wants to pass a vetoed bill
5.How can a president or judge be removed from office?
6.Chief Executive runs this
7.Senate is this during an impeachment trial
8.To accuse of a committing a crime
10.Branch that defines laws
13.Leader of the Military (3 Words)
17.Who is 4th in line for the presidency? (3 Words)
18.Type of veto that occurs when a bill is ignored while Congress is out of session
20.Branch that makes laws
21.Gives the ability to make necessary laws to uphold the Constitution (2 Words)
25.Powers shared by Feds & States
26.Who can impeach?
27.Who chooses the Supreme Court Judges?
28.How many judges are on the Supreme Court
1.Who approves the Presidents choice os Judges?
2.When items goes directly to the Supreme Court (2 Words)
3.Powers just for the states
7.Term that means to make sure laws are constitutional (2 Words)
9.Who serves for life?
11.Leader of the Senate (2 Words)
12.Branch that enforces laws
14.Chief Legislator does this (2 Words)
15.Deals with the constitutionality of the government (2 Words)
16.Another name for the Legislative Branch
19.Powers just for the Federal Govt
22.Chief of ____ deals with foreign countries
23.Who approves Supreme Court judges?
24.Chief of ____ is the leader of their political group

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