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Life and living processes

1 2        
  3 4
5               6
      7       8        
    10           11  
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        20 21             22

2.tissue which transports water in plants
5.openand closed by guard cells
7.enzyme which breaks down hydrogen peroxide
9.produced during anaerobic respiration by yeast cells
10.goes blue-black in the presence of starch
12.the effect of high temperature on an enzyme
14.the chemical reactions occuring in a cell
17.selectively permeable barrier to the cell
19.haploid male gamete
20.the material from which a plant cell wall is made
23.the site of aerobic respiration
24.the site of protein synthesis
25.waste product of anaerobic respiration in muscles
1.a group of similar cells performaing a particular function
3.digests starch
6.controls cell structure and function
8.goes cloudy in the presence of carbon dioxide
11.the site of photosynthesis
13.the release of energy from food
15.pigment responsible for carrying oxygen
16.waste gas produced by aerobic respiration
18.image divided by actual
21.removal of metabolic waste
22.biological catalysts

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