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Diversity and Harassment Quiz

Amon Ra Kh

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3.persistent behavior that torments someone, and is a form of discrimination.
5.Law that prohibits discrimination in the workplace because of age.
6.Refers to treating someone unfairly because prejudice due e.g. race.
9.Affirmative Action is supposed to be this kind of measure (not long lasting).
10.Refers to the Department of Labor, which enforces Contract Compliance.
12.Outlaw, or prevent from happening.
14.Law that prohibits discrimination in the employment because of disability.
15.Contrary to popular belief this group is the primary beneficiary of AA.
16.Refers to steps taken to eliminate under-representation due to past discrimination.
17.Latin for 'I give you this, you give me that or vice versa'.
18.A condition specified in a legal instrument.
1.Affirmative Action is not this:discrimination against dominant social group.
2.Affirmative Action is supposed to have a healing quality or this word.
4.Discrimination that targets one because of their sex/gender.
7.Refering to 'stand in' for others or group/ e.g. constituency votes someone for..
8.Abbreviation for office of Federal Contracting Compliance and Programs.
10.Refers to social inclusiveness, be it refer to, gender, sex, race, et.
11.A proportional share that a party must meet, give or contribute.
13.'Of free will', most people believe affirmative action is mandatory, it can be ...

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