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Ancient Greece Crossword

Matt's C Period Class

1                         2                 3
  6         7 8  
  9     10                  
  11 12                     13      
              14 15 16
17             18 19                              
22 23                       24                
      26                     27   28                  
      30       31
      32 33                  
34                           35 36 37
        39     40          
43     44     45                  
46       47                
      48   49            
      51 52       53

1.three groups of philosophers who offered new ideas about life
4.Wrote harsh laws, and name is used to describe harsh laws today.
5.Hey, We should build an awesome NAVY!
6.Student of Socrates, 427-347 BCE
10.A person who found/Discovered Pi and lived in Syracuse.
12.known as "the father of democracy", first Athenian statesman who introduced democracy to Athens
17.female lyric poet
19.started 356 BCE, sad
20.Type of government where only the high class ruled
23.traitor to Athens SPARTA and Persia
24.Teacher of Alexander the Great opened school about Plato
26.Ancient Greek physician who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.
28.god of smiths and fire
33.Greek hero turned immortal after death. Completed 12 epic tasks
34.owned the Minotaur and the labyrinth
38.famous general who led the Athenians to the battle of marathon
41.helped Atalanta defeat the Calydonian boar
42.Criticized Athens, Plato was a student
44.is sometimes called "father of history", and wrote one of the first narrative history book in the ancient world.
46.A series of athletic games honoring the god Zeus
49.Wrote a text book called "The Elements"
50.conquered Greece in 146 BC to end the Hellenistic age
52.Well known Greek author who wrote stories with morals.
54.training group for the hoplites
55.battle where the Athenians marched all the way to Athens to protect their city
56.spartan slave
1.A column that was seldom lay used, on roman temples, very elaborate, and decorated with leaves
2.war between SPARTA and Athens
3.a battle, no pepperonis
7.Rulers are not chosen by rank, but by achievement
8.invented by Odysseus to win the Trojan War, had troops inside of it
9.means between rivers
11.one of three Ancient Greek playwrights with plays that still exist. Wrote 123 plays
13.column that is thinner that Doric, elegant, scroll like style, and in
14.son of Darius, (519-465 BC)
15.A hill where the Parthenon is on
16.an Ancient Greek building for Athena on the acropolis
18.largest Greek island
21.king of Persia
22.Members of a group of free, but non citizen inhabitants of Sparta
25.a sea filled with many islands. It is in between Asia Minor and the Peloponnesus
27.first city-state to have democracy
28.atalanta's husband
29.king of Sparta, hero of battle of Thermopylae and defeated by the Persians
30.Formation used in Persian war with overlapping spears and swords
31.female Greek hero who went on the Argos and defeated the Calydonian boar
32.bronze armor solders
35.goddess of weaving and wisdom. Parthenon deticated to her
36.column that was a female statue used in the Parthenon
37.A system of Gov't that is run by elected officials voted by the people
39.pot used in Ancient Greece to hold wine and olive oil
40.One of five rulers of Sparta
43.column that is sturdy, plain, and mainly used in Greece and Sicily
45.Rule of few
47.tyrant that lead Athens during the Golden Age and lived from 495 to 429
48.won the Peloponnesian War
51.A ruler with absolute power not limited by other officials. NOT ALWAYS BAD.
53.A type of community

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