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fash design

rebecca brown

fashion development,consumer demand and fashion marketing, fashion change and consumer acceptance

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6.The statistical studies of population characteristics
7.A theory where fashion is made available simultaneously throughout the industry
13.Fashion industry executives that analyze consumer behavior in order to create goods that consumers want
17.Who gets the credit for the invention of the sewing machine?
18.What was the look called that was a combination of sloppiness, frumpy dresses and clunky boots?
19.Who now has the power to influence fashion marketing with their buying decisions?
1.The entire process of research, planning, promoting and distributing the things that consumers want to buy
2.A theory where fashion is dictated by what people are wearing on the streets
3.What was the "look" called that was created by combining blouses and skirts?
4.What were the large puffy pants that enabled women to participate?
5.What is the marget segment born after 1980 called
7.A theory based on the process of copying and adapting trend setting fashion
8.After the war was over, which designer create what was called the "New Look"?
9.People who buy and use merchandse
10.A major trend in fashion
11.What was the name of the men's clothier business that produced high quality business suits in 1818?
12.Where were the first tailor shops (in London) that created the conservative business suit?
14.Who were the first people to buy and wear ready-to-wear suits?
15.What is the name of the traditional African garb that became popular in the 1960's?
16.In the united states, what city became the center of the garment industry in the early 1900's?

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