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A long time ago...

Dan Goodwin

3 4                
    5 6
7                 8        
10                   11              
13             14 15            
  16       17          
  18   19     20        
    21   22        
23                       24                
25                   26 27                 28
  30                       31  
32       33                  
34                         35      
36                         37 38       39      
  40 41                      
42                 43        
  44   45        
46                               47        

2.The mercenary that all clone troopers were based from.
4."You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
7.The only Jedi to wield a purple lightsaber.
8.The monster on Hoth.
10.What children who are becoming Jedi are called before they find a master.
11.A renowned Nautolan Jedi. Known for serving as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as a member of the Jedi High Council.
13."These aren't the _______ you're looking for."
15.The home of Yoda during his twilight years.
16.What all with high midi-chlorians aspire to become.
17.There are only ever two of them. The master and the apprentice.
20.The ship that Luke pilots when destroying the Death Star.
23.Young Padawan, often called Snips by her Jedi Master.
24.The beasts of burden responsible for saving Luke's life in the snow.
25.The first person to remove a limb from Anakin.
27.Copilot and former slave of the planet Kashyyk.
29.The outer rim planet where Luke and Anakin are raised.
30.Princess of Alderaan and twin sister of Luke Skywalker
33.A name shared by both Anakin and Luke.
34.Always travel single file, to hide their numbers.
35.These "steel dogs" can carry many troops and move over almost any terrain.
36.Very large imperial ship with over 1600 turbo laser batteries.
38.Evil Jedi, who turns back to the light side and becomes Luke Skywalker's wife.
41."Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon from a more civilized day."
42.The energy field that surrounds and binds all living beings.
43.Vile gangster who is owed money by Solo.
45.The ice planet, and refuge of the Rebellion.
46.The name of "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."
47."Do, or do not. There is ___________"
48.The senator who is corrupted by power and becomes the emperor.
49."Trash Can" of an Astromech droid.
1.Pig-faced guards, used by the Hutt.
3.He has been training Jedi for over 800 years.
5.One of the Jedi Masters who trained Obi Wan Kenobi.
6.Furry creatures who are native to the second moon of the planet Endor.
9.The most notorious bounty hunter in the Galaxy
12."A name I've not heard since, oh before you were born"
13.Red face with horns. The murderer of Qui-Gonn Jinn.
14.What a Jedi might use to get what they need.
18.White armoured "bucket heads" who can never seem to hit their targets.
19.The wars that divide the Old Republic.
21.The facilitator of Cloud City
22.Who Anakin becomes after being corrupted by the dark side.
26.The favored weapon of Captain Solo.
28.Hovering single seater car, used in very fast and very dangerous racing.
31.The planet destroyed in a single blast.
32.The scoundrel who pilots a YT-1300 Tramp Freighter.
37.The largest space station ever constructed (twice)
39.Meesa talks like this. Mya been banished because of one or twooie little bitty accidenties.
40.A particularly dangerous Dug who is famous for his skills as a podracer.
44.Queen Amidala's homeworld.

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