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WHI-1st Semester Review

Amber Li

1 2         3 4
6       7             8        
  11     12                    
      15         16              
18   19    

1.First of the Neolithic cities
5.The Han Dynasty started a _______________ system where only the best workers get jobs (two words)
6.Longest Chinese dynasty that lasted 900 years
7.Best-known Greek comedy playwright
12.Began the world's first democracy (it was direct)
13.Government run by "god-kings" and priests
15.Tolerant Persian emperor who ended the Babylonian Captivity
17.Only surviving people from the Fertile Crescent-aka Ancient Hebrews
20.Homo Sapiens species that made cave art
21.Stoicism, the belief that you had to be tough in life, was started by him
22.Moksha is to Hinduism as ________ is to Buddhism
23.Father of King Tut who only worshipped the sun god
2.When Moses led the Ancient Hebrews to escape slavery in Egypt
3.Rule by a snall group
4.started in the Neolithic Age-aka specialization
8.Egypt defeated the _______ even though they had superior weapons and chariots
9.Ashoka the Great was the emperor of this empire
10.Governors who helped Darius rule his provinces
11.Belief that people are evil and should be controlled by harsh laws
14.Hammurabi wrote down his laws so people who read it could not plead this
15.Philip II of Macedon conquered the last Greek city-states at this battle
16.Battle where 300 Spartans died to give Athens and the city-states time to prepare for war
18.Designed the Parthenon and sculpted the statue of Athena
19."children of God"-aka Dalit

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