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November Pub Quiz Questions

Trivia Master Phil

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2.Who was the lead singer for Led Zeppelin?
4.What car companyʼs models include the Yeti, Roomster, and Octavia?
5.Who was Alexander the Greatʼs father?
6.If your balls are black and blue, and your opponentʼs are red and yellow, what game would you be playing?
8.In Ancient Greece, on which mountain did the gods live?
9.What is Soylent Green made of?
12.What musician launched his own brand of absinthe, calling it ʻMansintheʼ?
13.Founded by Alonso Menendez, what cigar brand gets its name from a novel by Alexandre Dumas?
15.Of the 15 independent countries that emerged from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which one is the largest?
17.What brand of whiskey is made in the oldest licensed distillery in the world?
19.The thick, creamy head on a pint of Guinness is achieved by mixing it with which gas?
22.Written for the 1993 film, ʻThe Three Musketeersʼ, what song was performed by Sting, Rod Stewart, and Bryan Adams?
1.The original Starbucks, located in Pike Place Market and still in operation, is located in which US city?
3.What 1988 book provoked Ayatollah Khomeini to issue a fatwa against the author, Salman Rushdie?
4.What is the capital of Sweden?
5.What was the word given to the Russian economic reforms that were introduced by Mikhael Gorbachov in the mid-80s?
7.The first issue of Xianease magazine was issued in which month of 2010?
10.What Spanish pop duo is known for their dance hit, ʻMacarenaʼ?
11.Bourbon whiskey is made from a grain mixture that must, by law, be at least 51% what?
12.What boxing ring announcer is famous for his catchphrase, “Letʼs get ready to rumble!ʼ?
14.Pandora, Prometheus, and Titan are three of the many moons orbiting which planet?
16.How many of Sergio Leoneʼs films did Clint Eastwood act in?
18.What British multinational company owns the brands Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness?
20.After China and India, what country is the worldʼs third largest producer of tea?
21.Nicholas Breakspear, better known as Adrian IV, was the first and only English what?

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