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1 2 3
  9                                 10
  11               12            

5.used to chronicle significant historical events (2 Words)
7.experimental or innovative
9.Quantitative ensemble of images (2 Words)
11.Commercial photographer who operated a shop in Cape Brenton, his biggest client the town's coal mine (2 Words)
13.A collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.
14.seeks to evoke pity in viewers, inviting them to help those depicted
15.an article which is accompanied by a rare picture drawing attention to the presence of the camera by photographing people being photographed for pay. (2 Words)
16.the varied circumstances in which a work of art is (or was) produced and/or interpreted.
1.used a propaganda scheme to gain funding for the poor. (3 Words)
2./ represented by the camera’s eye, leaves its clear mark on the structure and content of the photograph. (2 Words)
3.depression era propaganda, became one of the most iconic images of the The Great Depression. (2 Words)
4.implies a rejection of previous conventions in favor of radically different forms of artistic expression
6.defines systems of representation as referring both to ways of organizing concepts and understanding relations between them (2 Words)
8.photographer that helped create the propaganda for the Migrant Mother
10.seeks to understand feelings of alienation within the scope of sexism, racism, urban decay and class consciousness.
12.maps journeys by mixing photographs with painting to make connections with past and present (2 Words)

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