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The vocabulary for film 1. Definitions of the roles of shots and people in the film realm.

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4.A mental closing to a story. Completes "the big picture".
5.Similar to a crane. Allows the person to raise, lower, and move sideways while tilting and panning the camera.
6.Reads narration. Doesn't appear on camera.
7.(CU) Framed tightly. At close range. Can be extreme or a little farther.
11.Frame of three people at equal distance.
12.The maintainance of the focus of the lens even while the cameras moving.
17.Space between the top of the head and the higher screen end.
19.Person who appears on camera in nondramatic shows/film. Only play themselves.
20.(MS) Covers framing between a long shot and a close up. Also called a waist shot.
21.The boom arm carries the camera up and down. A lot of times combined with a dolly move.
22.(LS) Framed far away.
23.(ELS) Frames a large distance.
24.All people who perform in a film. On camera and off camera.
1.Represents an extension of lens from top of camera to horizon. Depth dimension.
2.Frames a person from nipple height and up to the top of their head.
3.Space in front of a person looking or facing toward the opposite side of the screen.
4.Shot taken from a crane with the ability to boom down and caught long distances.
8.(O/S) Shot including the back and shoulder of a person. Looking over shoulder.
9.Frame of two people at equal distance.
10.Cylindrical camera mount that allows the camera to pan and tilt without a tripod.
13.Space left in front of a person or an object moving toward the opposite side of the screen.
14.Frames figure from knees up. Also called Hollywood, Cowboy, or Knee Shot.
15.Finds script and oversees the actions of the director, actors, and technical personnel as well as script development and financial conditions during filming.
16.Tilting the camera sideways.
18.List of every shot needed or used in the sequence.

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