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Soil Crossword Puzzle

2       3        
  5         6  
9                     10
  13   14  
      16           17  
  18       19      
    20         21  
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2.The smallest organisms that help decompose plant and animal matter
4.The solid rock beneath loose rock particles or soil
5.The loss of soil due to wind and water
7.Soils become _____________ due to small air spaces and poor draiinage
9.The process of breaking down rock into smaller pieces due to weather
11.Soil __________ shows the changes in appearance and constitution of a soil from the surface downwards
15.This type of fertilizer are available in granular and powdered form and are easy to apply
16.Materials in the soil that plants need to live and grow
18.Soil type with the smallest particles and hold water the best
20.Anchors plants and absorbs water and nutirents from the soil
22.Soil type with granules that have large air spaces between them and hold the least amount of water
23.Added to soil to help the formation of soil crumbs, thus improving aeration and drainage
1.This type of fertilizer includes manure and can improve soil structure
3._____________ help to aerate the soil by their tunneling actions
6._______________ by animals can lead to soil erosion
8.A method in which steep-sided, level topped areas are built onto the sides of steep hills and mountains so that crops can be grown
10.This soil component is essential for respiration of plant roots and soil organisms
12.Sand, __________ and clay make up soil
13.The removal of chemicals and minerals that have been dissolved in water
14.Decayed plant and animal remains that turns into a dark coloured material, that makes the soil fertile
17.Leaves, twigs and other organic materials that eventually changes to a dark coloured, rich organic material by decomposing organisms
19.The 'ideal' soil; contains 50% sand, 30% clay, 12% humus and 8% lime
21.A mixture of weathered rock, decayed organic matter, mineral fragments, water and air

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