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Chapter 8 Investigation

Ms. Carter

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1.The general attributes of an object, such as type, make, model, etc (2 words)
4.The work of the RCMP that investigates the smuggling in of aliens to Canada and the counterfeiting of passports/visas.
7.When evidence becomes unusable, due to destruction or alteration of physical evidence.
10.A kind of impression that can be created to figure out whether the suspect is male, female, and how tall they may be based on length apart from one another (2 words)
11.The police force that has jurisdiction over policing in towns and cities throughout Canada.
12.One of the first Aboriginal police forces in Canada (2 words)
14.The area an offence was committed at a crime scene.
15.An object, impression, or body element that can be used to prove/disprove facts related to an offence.
17.Can be observed by the naked eye (2 words)
21.What it is called when police find usable material at a crime scene. It is recorded, photographed and sealed (if applicable). Used to help prove a suspect committed a particular crime.
22.The application of biomechanical and other scientific techniques to a criminal investigation (2 words)
26.The police force that has jurisdiction in rural areas and unincorporated regions around cities.
27.Enforces the laws identified in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (2 words)
28.The level of police force known as the RCMP or "Mounties".
29.The technique used to life prints from absorbent surfaces. Can also be done using a bowl and craft glue (2 words)
30.The collecting, evaluating, analyzing, and reporting of information.
1.The investigation of international smuggling and enforces the Customs Act in isolated areas of Canada (3 words)
2.The police officer responsible for searching the crime scene and examining it for evidence, and sending that evidence to a lab (2 words)
3.The genetic make up of a person that can help narrow down or even pinpoint a suspect.
5.This type of police force can be administered by the Department of the Solicitor General to serve certain communities.
6.Has to be developed before it can be seen by the naked eye (2 words)
8.The outside area of a crime scene, where offenders may have been present or left evidence. Also works as a barrier to keep the crime scene from observers and media.
9.The division of the police force that identifies and confiscates money/property acquired through illegal activities (3 words)
13.60% of people have this print
16.A unique marking found on the human body where no two humans have been found to have identical ones.
18.The location where an offence has taken place (2 words)
19.An object used to try deter a print from showing at a crime scene.
20.The type of officer trained in evidence collection and preservation techniques (3 words)
23.The most common body substance found at a crime scene.
24.The age required to enlist into the RCMP.
25.Something a police officer may execute in order to bring a guilty person in for arrest.
26.The officer who's duty it is to secure the crime scene, and ensure no evidence is lost or tampered with. Generally the first officer to arrive at a crime scene.

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