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Canada in the 1930's

Mr. McLean

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1.Engineless cars pulled by horses or oxen were called Bennett ______
5.Had become Canada's main trading partner by the 1930's
6.When times are worsening
8.Elected PM in 1935
15.Bennett feared a revolution provoked by these
16.The "best of times"
17.You had to be living in the same place for ___ year(s) to receive relief payments.
18.US "New Deal" president
19.Who ran the relief camps?
20.The GD lasted ____ years
21.Insects that plagued prairie wheat
23.What the relief camp men lacked most of all
24.What the "middle C" in CCF stands for
27.Too much "buying on ________" was a cause of the GD
30.A government that takes complete control of a society is this.
33.This permit had to be surrendered to receive relief
34.Union Nationale's province
35.Leader of Alberta's Social Credit Party
1.Canada's PM 1930-35
2.The relief camps were for _______, unemployed men.
3.Leader of Union Nationale
4.GM workers staged a major strike here in 1937
7.Unemployment and health ______ were promised by Bennett in 1935
9.Month in which the 1929 "crash" happened
10.CCF leader
11.Canadian exports were severely hurt when other countries raised these
12.Where the On-to-Ottawa-Trek began
13.The Regina ________ outlined the ideas of the CCF
14.Dollars the Alberta Social Credit Party said they would pay each adult per month (2 Words)
16.Area of US and Canada where the "Dust Bowl" happened. (2 Words)
22.Becomes Ontario premier in 1934
25.The CCF became this political party in 1961
26.The Regina Riot was sparked by the arrests of the Trek's ______
28.The On-to-Ottawa-Trek ended here
29.slang for relief payments
31.Disease that ruined wheat crops
32.What the "Trekkers" rode as they headed east

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