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Zoology Chapter 38 Crossword Puzzle

3 4                 5  
6                       7     8    
    10                 11            
          12     13
  14         15                        
  16       17              
18 19          
22                 23  
        24   25            
26       27       28              
29             30              

2.means “many feet”
4.in some arachnids, an organ that removes wastes and discharges them at the base of the legs
6.touch, taste, equilibrium
7.the most posterior appendage on many crustaceans
10.an arthropod with four pairs of walking legs; a spider, scorpion, mite, or tick
11.a posterior segment of an animal that usually houses the organs of digestion and excretion
14.in arthropods, a structure composed of several segments that have fused to perform specific functions
15.in arachnids and some crustaceans, a body part formed by the fusion of the head with the thorax
16.an excretory organ of some crustaceans that helps regulate the solute concentration of hemolymph
20.in arthropods, a claw used to capture food and for defense
22.in insects, myriapods, or spiders, one of the network of air tubes
24.segmented animal with jointed appendages and an exoskeleton
26.an external opening of a trachea in an insect, myriapod, or spider
28.in the abdomen of an arachnid, an organ for gas exchange with parallel folds that resembles the pages of a book
29.a crustacean with seven pairs of identical legs; examples include sow bugs and pill bugs
30.a tough covering over the cephalothorax of some crustaceans
31.a flat, paddlelike projection at the posterior end of many crustaceans
32.one of 10 bilaterally paired appendages on the abdomen of a crayfish
33.a head appendage in arthropods that is used to manipulate food
1.the process of shedding an exoskeleton or other outer layer on an animal
2.the main excretory organ of most insects and some myriapods and arachnids
3.a pincerlike mouthpart of arthropods
4.an arthropod with mandibles and branched appendages; examples include shrimps, barnacles, crabs, and pill bugs
5.food is ground into a fine paste where it then enters the intestine and this for further digestion and absorption
6.any complex part or organ extending from the body
8.the abundant small plant and animal organisms that drift or swim weakly near the surface of a body of water
9.an eye composed of many light detectors, each with its own lens
12.a movable mouthpart that usually functions in chewing
13.a thoracic appendage in arthropods that is used to manipulate food
17.the free-swimming larva of most crustaceans
18.barnacles’ swimming appendages are replaced by six pairs of long legs called this
19.in arachnids, an appendage that aids in chewing
21.a crustacean with five pairs of legs, such as shrimps, crayfish, and lobsters
23.the structure through which fluid from the silk gland of spiders passes
25.in insects and some crustaceans, the part of the body between the head and the abdomen
27.a sensory appendage on the head of an arthropod

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