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2dn Grade Vowel Consonant - e

Room 16 HES

1   2  
3   4          
6 7      
9 10    
  11 12

1.The teacher wrote a ____ to go home.
3.Christmas is in this month.
5.______ clouds look like animals in the sky.
6.My mom ____ to town for groceries.
8.I ____ Santa will visit our home.
9.The girl used a ____ to catch her calf.
13.I will ___ a toothbrush tonight.
15.I broke my leg ____.
2.______ children love to play in the rain.
4.Please _____ the door quietly.
7.I got a ___for Christmas.
10.The number ___ is also called a digit.
11.The kitten was very ____.
12.A four legged animal that is not a horse can be a _____.
14.There _____ the recess bell.

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