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WHI-1st Semester Review

David Bowers

1 2
  3     4          
5 6      
  7                     8
      9         10
    11 12 13                      
        16 17  
21       22   23                

3.King of Babylion, wrote first written laws "Code of ____".
7.Battle where 300 Spartans sacraficed their lives and held back 200,000 Persians.
9.Doing your duty in Hinduism is called______. If done it would bring you good Karma.
13.If you believe in many gods you were this.
14.A collection of teachings of Confucius were called.
18.Sone-to-be home of Athens. It was on a peninsula.
20.The dirtiest of all the rivers and most sacred to all the Hindus.
21.King of all the gods and threw lightning bolts.
22."Cyrus Cylinder" was the worlds proclimation of these. (2 Words)
24.Name for ancient hebrews that escaped from slavery.
1.These types of tools were used in the paleolithic age.
2.Alexander spred _____ culture wherever he conquered.
4.Building the pyramids requied engineering and _________.
5.When Jews were forced out of their promised land it was called _______.
6.aka-King Tut was famous being the only one not not to have his tomb robed.
8.Known as the god of war and was the boyfriend of Aphrodite.
10.Person that studdies the past by analyzing human remains, fossils, and artifacts.
11.A colorful painting that the Athens put on their plastered walls.
12.Name for a governer that would help Persians run part oftheir empire.
15.These were late Neolithic People of China.
16.This man lived in a barrel and helled a lantern that was looking for 1 honest man.
17.This was the first battle of the Persian wars.Man was sent 26.2 miles to anounce they won.
19.Important invention still used today; made during the Han Dynasty.
23.Messopotamian buildings were bricks made out of this.

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