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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

1 2
3   4   5 6
  10 11                      
    14             15

7.This hazard is caused by an object.
11.This must be done after using the restroom.
13.These must be developed for each critical control point.
14.Must be taken to eliminate the hazard
16.This object could be considered a physical hazard
17.Program are necessary to ensure that a HACCP plan will be implemented properly
18.Refers to putting product in a designated area until further disposition.
1.Associates who fail to clean properly could cause what?
2.This hazard is caused by people.
3.This tells you how to preform a task.
4.Refers to removal of product from the market place.
5.HACCP is a method of ______ or controlling hazards in a food processing facility
6.This must be done in order to ensure that workers understand HACCP.
8.Can cause unintentional chemical hazards contamination.
9.Cleaning agents and sanitizers are considered to be what type of hazard?
10.Part of a respectable prerequisite program is to have good and reliable ones.
12.Prevention of this is a key sanitation element of HACCP.
15.HACCP stands for?

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