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Professors of the Wizarding World


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1.I am not classified as a Professor, but I'm ok with that. Just as long as you keep your mouth shut in my "Classroom"
4.I am a Hogwarts Professor. Although I am short in Stature I make up for it with passion and skill.
5.According to most of the students of Hogwarts, I was the most loved Professor when it came to Defense against the dark arts.
7.I have not been given the title of Professor so the students call me Madam. I am a skilled flier and I referee the Quidditch games
8.Formally a Professor of Transfiguration, although that all changed when I became the Headmaster
9.If I were to be a Professor, I would teach the fine arts of torure and pain. I'd make sure the students would get a real "feel" for it.
10.I am possibly the only Professor in Hogwarts that is dead. I fell asleep in the staff rom then woke up to go teach, leaving my body behind
11.I may not be a professor but I am very much apart of this school. I mean, I live in the castle of which my Mother co-founded.
14.I'm s'prised I even got the job as Professor I the firs' place. I was kick'd out of Hogwarts before my OWL's.
15.I was a Defense against the dark arts Professor. But after a year of being locked in a chest and having someone impersonate you for a year, I retired
18.Former Defense against the dark arts Professor and most likely the worst. Aside from Lockhart. At least I taught my students something.
20.I was a Professor. I never became Headmaster and I never left the school. I died doing my job. But I am not a ghost. I was killed by a fellow Colleague.
27.Okay, so I'm not a professor. Although I may not be alive I still have a connection with the students. Particularly the Gryffindors
28.I co-founded this magic school. I have can tolerate many things including the obnoxious Salazar.
30.I shall see the future! I was a Professr... Then I got fired... But I have returned! I saw this coming!
31.I was a Professor of Defense against the dark arts until that Granger girl came up with a beastly plan. Centaurs, Yuck. STUPID HALF-BREEDS!!
32.I am neither a Professor nor a ghost. I am not dead but I am not alive. But at least I wreak havoc.
2.People may think my class is weak, but most of the advanced classes can be deadly, especially when using devils snare or tentacular leaves
3.I was only a substitute Professor and I did not Teach for long. Although most students preferred my teachings over the teachings of the actual Professor
6.I am not a Professor but I am a founder of this school. I may not be brave but I have wisdom and wit.
12.I know that I have favourites. Particularly when it comes to giving house points.
13.Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! I am the most charming and the most handsome Professor there ever was! Now i just sit in a room in St. Mungos.
16.I am a registered animagus, thankfully that doesn't interfere with my transfiguration classes
17.I was a Professor at Hogwarts. In fact I became Headmaster at one stage.
19.I don't play a major part in either the books or the movies. I mean I'm not even a professor. I'm a dead fat woman!
21.I am one of the founders of this school.My reputation consists of pure nerve and being daring.
22.I made this school with the assistance of 3 others. Though in the end I wish I had done it on my own.
23.I am a Professor of Hogwarts. I have been throughout Harrys school life. I often have my classes during midnight so that the students can study the stars
24.I am the only one who can keep that nasty poltergeist at bay.
25.It took a lot of pleading but I finally came out of retirement to teach the subject of potions once more
26.I am no Professor but I am not Unintelligent. In fact I'm quite bright when it comes to physical treatment.
29.I am not Completely Human, though I do teach. I became a Professor after my herd threw me out.

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