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Chapter 8 Launching A New Nation

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2.This political party favored strong central (federal) government, emphasized manufacturing and trading, favored relations with Britain, a national bank, and high protective tariffs
7.People who invest in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit
8.Not favoring any side in an argument
11.A ceremony in which the President takes the oath of office
12.An outsider or somone from another country
13.In the 1795 Treaty of _________________, leaders of the defeated Native American tribes gave up most of their lands in the Ohio Territory
14.This political party believed in strong state governments, an emphasis on agriculture, favored relations with France, opposed the national bank, and also opposed protective tariffs
17.An example for others to be followed in the future
20.Contrary (against) what is permitted in the Constitution
21.Seizing sailors from U.S. ships and then forcing them to serve in the British Navy
22.Nickname for the advisors that work closely with the President and help him run the country
23.Leader of the Federalists. First Secretary of the Treasury. His financial and economic policies pulled the U.S. out of debt. Also responsible for creating the First Bank of the United States
24.Virginia and Kentucky refused to abide by (follow) the Alien and Sedition Acts under the principles of ______________ _______________. These states (along with many others) believed that states did not have to follow a federal law if a state found it unconstitutional. Many Southern states would later use this same strategy in their defense of slavery.
25.Sent by Washington to London in order to repair U.S. - British relations during the war between the British and the French. Also served as First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
26.Incident during John Adams' Presidency that saw French agents demand a $250,000 bribe from the United States
29.Caused by a tax on Whiskey, it marked the first time that the American government sent troops to fight American citizens
30.An organized political group
32.A tax on imported goods
33.James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote a total of 85 newspapers articles called the _______________ ________________ in support of America's new Constitution, a strong central (federal) government, and the Federalist party.
34.Most Americans supported the _______________ revolutionaries in the French Revolution. Americans felt they were following the lead of the United States in fighting monarchy
35.A certificate issued by a government for an amount of money that the government promises to pay back with interest
1.In 1789, the United States was about _______________ its current size
3.Leader of the Antifederalists (Republicans). Wrote the Declaration of Independence
4.Washington warned against _____________ ______________ in his farewell address. He feared that violent political divisions (and political parties) may tear the nation apart
5.The Republican Party could also be called the _________________ party (Opposte of Federalist)
6.First Vice-President and Second President of the United States
9.Wrote most of the U.S. Constitution. Authored the Federalist Papers with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay
10.The idea that the union which binds the United States is based on an agreement between the states, thus allowing the states to overrule federal law
15.Won an important battle vs. Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
16.Washington also warned against getting involved in _______________ affairs in his farewell address
18.France's dictator during John Adams' Presidency.
19.Possibly the toughest law ever passed against free speech ever passed in the United States. It made it a crime for any person to write or say anything inulsting about the President, Congress, or U.S. government in general
27.Activity designed to plot against or overthrow a government
28.Under Adams, this law was passed that increased the duration that a person had to live in the United States to become a citizen from 5 to 14 years. It also gave the President the power to deport or imprison any alien he deemed dangerous.
31.Deprive of legal force (To cancel)

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