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Skeletal System

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3.suture between parietal and temporal
8.spaces between ribs
11.bone of the cranium that articulates with all other cranial bones
12.sinuses are lined with this
14.skeleton comes from a Greek word that means this
16.suture between the parietal and occipital
18.part of the axis that articulates with the atlas
21.the skeletal system accounts for 20% of our body's ___
23.this bone part forms part of the nasal septum that divides the nasal cavity
28.passage of carotid arteries, which supply 80% of blood to the brain
29.cartilage that secures ribs to sternum
30.these separate each vertebrae
31.the VC transmits the weight of the trunk to these
33.part of sternum that attaches to some abdominal muscles
34.forms bridge of the nose
35.joint between the body and xiphoid process
38.some abnormal spine curvatures are caused by heredity, which means they are ___
40.also known as hunchback
42.joint formed by the mandibular fossa and the condyle of the mandible
43.this type of disc has been ruptured in the VC
45.joints of the skull bones
46.part of a bone that forms the anterior part of the hard palate
47.upper jaw
52.the occipital bone supports this area of the brain
53.vertebrae in your neck
54.vertebrae the ribs attach to
55.number of bones in the axial skeleton
56.it encloses and protects the brain and provides attachments for head and neck muscles
57.this bone lies between the sphenoid and the nasal bones
58.vertebrae that articulate with the coxal bones
59.also known as swayback
60.besides the mandible, the other unpaired facial bone
1.styloid process of the temporal bone forms attachment for these muscles
2.ribs 11 and 12
4.suture between the parietal bones
5.lordosis can be common in these type of women
6.only bone that does not articulate with any other bone
7.this part of the vertebrae is the weight bearing region
9.these structures are in the nasal cavity and help to direct air flow
10.these vertebrae are known as the small of your back
13.type of curve of the thoracic and sacral vertebrae
15.known as your cheek
17.passageway fo the suprorbital artery and nerves to the forehead
19.this part of the ethmoid forms roof of nasal cavities
20.parts of a bone that form posterior part of hard palate
22.part of a bone that the left common carotid artery comes against after parting from aorta
24.the spinal cord runs through this part of the VC
25.part of the sternum that articulates with the clavicle
26.they articulate with the first vertebrae
27.the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone houses this gland
32.abnormal lateral curvature of the VC
36.muscle that elevates jaw during chewing, inserts on the ramus of the mandible
37.joint between the manubrium and the body
39.vomer forms part of this structure
41.most skull bones are flat except for this one
44.the VC provides protection to this
48.teeth sockets
49.bones that form medial walls of the orbits
50.suture between the parietal and frontal bones
51.region of the temporal bones that houses the middle and inner ear

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