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For You...When you get bored :)

Amber :)

For my friend...and because I have no life :)

1 2 3
7 8                          
10               11                
13 14       15           16      
17               18            
  22   23        

4.My favourite band :)
5.A type of animal with big ears and a big appetite (and no it's not Ollie) :)
8.My hobby that is awfully, awfully painful :P
10.My favourite sport
11.The town where the future love of your life lives :)...if I should be so lucky lol
12.The month of your birthday
14.My favourite dessert
16.You light up my....._ _ _ _
17.My favourite girl :) ...this one is pretty obvious jazzy :).....
18.Where I want to live when I'm older...with someone very special :)
20.Where do I imagine myself in 10 years time?
21.What my nan thought my portrait of Ollie looked like :P
22.My favourite subject at school is.... :)
25.How much wood would a wood chuck chuck? aha good luck :)
1.My favourite flavour of milkshake
2.The hospital I was born in....BIG HINT: think Monarchy :)
3.Ollie's favourite type of fruit
6.The 17th and 18th Letter of the alphabet (If I can count)
7.What football team do I support? Locally :)..... (Abbreviated name)
9.Your middle name :)
13.The one thing I can cook effortlessly....literally the one damn thing lol :P
14.The type of people I want to work with when I'm older :)
15.What type of sweet makes me the most hyper?
16.My worst subject in school...I cant do languages at all....
17.Who is the cutest girl I know? :) *cough* Jasmine *cough
19.What I feel towards you :)
22.My best friend :)
23.Probably my most time consuming hobby
24.You walk into a room with a rabbit holding a carrot, a pig eating slop, and a chimp holding a banana. Which animal is the smartest? :)

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