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The Han Dynasty's Achechevements

Jordan Davis and Jordan Williams

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2.Who ruled the Han Dynasty?
6.In the Han Dynasty the government made huge advances in their army's ______.
10.The Han Dynasty's army was ______ and organized.
11.What is the name of an achievement to do with armor?
12.What did people write on before paper?
13.What did they use to keep meats and veggies from spoiling?
14.What is the powdered sticks and leaves called?
17.What form of government is structured like a pyramid? With a couple people on top and many on the bottom.
21.What are we studying in this chapter?
23.What is the treatment called that uses powdered leaves or sticks and then set on fire to reduce pain and promote healing?
24.What is the tool called to determine a direction?
25.What large one wheeled invention did the chines invent? Hint: Its used to carry goods.
26.What invention helped farmers by moving water from a low canal to the fields?
27.They discovered that checking someones heart beat and pulse to see if they were _____.
28.What is the oldest known compass called?
29.Whats the stone they used to make a compass called?
30.What was a very wanted and labor intensive fabric they made in the Han Dynasty?
1.What was an advancement in one of their weapons?
3.What was made out of silk fibers, hemp, bamboo, straw and seaweed for?
4.The emperor and officials often ruled the empire very _____.
5.People thought that sickness was caused when the forces of yin and yang were off ______.
7.Whats the art of fine handwriting called?
8.What did they make swords and armor out of?
9.What type of wine takes away the feeling of pain?
15.The emperor used government ________ to help him run the empire.
16.Whats the name of the invention that they made to detect earthquakes?
18.What do people call a person that closely observes the heaven/stars?
19.What treatment was used when stabbing people with needles?
20.What flying object did they use to scare off enemies?
22.Young men had to take many ______ to become government officials.

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