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Caitlin Chansler

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6.Who can become a smoker?
10.Tobacco is the leading cause of what?
13.Drug addiction does not have a cure but it is what?
15.What is alcohol absorbed into?
17.The amount of alcohol in someone's system is measured by...
20.Alcohol is made through what process?
23.What is ammonia?
25.What is the legal age to buy tobacco?
27.How do you harm your loved ones when you smoke around them?
28.About how many drinks can you drink without passing the limit?
31.What is the heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time?
34.This type of drug deprives the body of oxygen and causes a rapid heartbeat
35.Cocaine, amphetamines, and nicotine are examples of what kind of drug? (Hint: This type of drug gives you energy)
37.Alcohol is a...
39.This is a disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and chemical changes to the brain
40.Addiction to the consumption of alcohol
41.How does smoking affect the heart?
42.After this type of food is left out for a long time, it can begin to go through the process of becoming an alcoholic drink
44.What's the second step to staying away from drugs?
45.What is the addictive drug in tobacco products?
48.What southern state is it legal to drink as a minor in the presence of your parent or guardian?
50.How many cigarettes to you have to smoke to be considered addicted?
51.After passing this limit, you are not legally able to drive
1.This type of drug slows down the body and gives you relaxation
2.Alcohol impairs the ability to speak, think, and WHAT ELSE?
3.What's the forth and final step to staying away from drugs?
4.Blood alcohol concentration also depends on whether they have what prior to drinking?
5.69 chemicals in cigarettes are known to be what?
7.The psychoactive ingredient in alcohol
8.What is acetone found in?
9.These decrease a person's chances for drug abuse
11.Alcohol affects the messages going to your...
12.What is the term for embalming fluid?
14.These increase a person’s chances for drug abuse
16.Binge drinking is more common among what age group?
18.What's the first step to staying away from drugs?
19.LSD, mushrooms, and mescaline are all examples of what type of drug? (Hint: This type of drug alters the user’s state of consciousness)
21.Naphthalene is an ingredient in what?
22.Weakened *___* system..
24.Drugs can be either...
25.What percent of adults (above the age of 18) are currently smokers?
26.Methanol is the main ingredient in what?
27.To stay away from drugs, you should get up your...
29.Addiction can have mental, emotional, and what other type of effect?
30.What's the third step to staying away from drugs?
32.CHALLENGE QUESTION: What drug is considered a gateway drug?
33.Blood alcohol concentration also depends on...
36.In words, what fraction of adults drink alcohol?
38.What is arsenic found in?
43.The only thing that can get you sober is...
46.Which gender holds liquor better?
47.Approximately how many chemicals are found in cigarettes?
49.How old do you have to be to drink in the United States?

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