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alternative assignment

1                 2   3 4
7   8            
  10       11    
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        15           16 17
18                       19                    

1.Complete control of weaker nations
5.Concerned with effects and needs brought by Industrial Revolution
7.Controlled Hawaii, Puerto rico, Guam, and Phillipines
12.exerting influnce and control over local goverments
14.Focus of imperialism in the 19th century
18.Control through rule my natives or indigenous
19.Claimed many islands in asia, acted like a goverment
2.Rapid invasion of africa by Europeans
3.Age of Exploration
4.Iposing your own goverment
6.Reason Europe wanted to take over other parts of the world
8.Claiming exclusive rights to trade and investment in an area
9.Survival of the fittest
10.Focused mostly on new world
11.Colored people are too stupid to take car of themselves
13.Actual ownership or control over a region
15.Wars between china and enlglad over opium trade
16.linked Med. Sea to Red Sea to Indian ocean
17.Dutch farmers vs. Brittish colonists

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