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Images influence our interpretation of text

Suzanne Schofield

Crossword with answers like to the terminology of howImages influence our interpretation of text

2   3 4
      7       8        
9     10        

5.To hold someone's attention with something amusing or interesting.
6.A sometimes cruel form of wit.
7.An invisible power affecting a person, thing, or course of events
9.The understanding of another's situation, feelings, or motives.
11.To remember a fact.
12.To show differences when compared.
1.To be wary, suspicious, or doubtful of.
2.To stengthen by adding extra information.
3.To emphasis or bring to the attention of others.
4.Be able to picture in ones mind.
5.To grab someone's interest.
8.To belittle or make fun of a person or their situation
10.Make an indirect reference to.

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